What is the Open Developer Platform (ODP)?

  • For developers, ODP is a secure and compliant sandbox for software development in the financial world
  • For contributors, ODP provides open API access to the underlying supported technologies, such as Symphony, and a service-oriented project infrastructure that implements best-of-breed open source best-practices by enforcing software security, legal compliance, and quality throughout the software lifecycle
  • For consumers, ODP acts as the authority that certifies the code hosted and released by the Symphony Software Foundation, giving peace of mind and hassle-free technology adoption
  • For decision makers, ODP is an open initiative to define the collaboration patterns across highly-regulated industries and enable innovative software development within their firms
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Financial services firms make substantial investments in software development, as software can be a powerful competitive differentiator in what is essentially an information industry.  However, the software developers in these firms are hindered by the industry‚Äôs legal, IP, and compliance regulations and practices, and this exacts a substantial tax on their productivity.

In this environment, open source is

  • an enabler, by providing access to software, projects, and communities that solve shared problems once, collaboratively
  • a threat, due to the variable quality, security, and legal compliance of open source, and the dramatic impact when failures along these dimensions occur (recent examples include the React licensing dispute and the Struts vulnerability that resulted in the Equifax breach)

The Open Developer Platform (ODP) is a collaborative initiative that delivers a secure and compliant sandbox for software development in the financial world.

Join our Open Source Strategy Forum to know how Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, JP Morgan and many other financial services firms leverage the ODP to build better open source software, together.
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Key Components

Open API access to underlying platforms that are offered by the community, such as Symphony, eliminating the need for installation and configuration, expediting technology adoption, prototyping, development ramp-up and enabling cross-firm collaboration
A service-oriented project infrastructure that provides hassle-free integration with validation and reporting tools around software security, legal compliance, and quality

Want to know more?

All documentation is publicly available and can be found in our Open Developer Platform Wiki page.

Watch the ODP launch at FinDEVr New York 2017 or check out the slides presented at the Foundation Members Meeting 2017.


Interested in ODP ?

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  2. Become a Foundation member
  3. Join one of our Hackathons
  4. Try out our ODP by running a sample bot on your local environment and interact with it via the Symphony chat; fill in the form to request trial access to the Symphony (Foundation) Developer Pod and we will get back to you with the details.